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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete system of natural medicine. It has a strong philosophy which is based on natural laws. Its current form was established by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, over 200 years ago. But there is reference to its origins dating back to 500 BC. So, in reality, it is timeless. It is constant.

The system of homeopathy is based on the firm foundation of natural laws, which don’t change. The personality, or at least individual symptoms, of your horse needs to match that of a medicine which has the same traits or symptoms.

This is called the ‘law of similars’. Like cures like.

This carefully selected medicine restores order and balance to your horse’s immune system. This then enables the horse to heal themselves. The problem goes away, not because of suppression, but because it can no longer remain. The horse’s body is now inhospitable to the condition.

Deep Healing of Chronic Conditions

This deep healing comes from what is often referred to as ‘constitutional’ prescribing. It is the aim of all good professional homeopaths and is not within the scope of the layman. Years of training, and experience, are needed to get to this point.

This is complicated in constitution prescribing, but necessary in chronic, or long standing, conditions. In acute prescribing, this process is much easier. Sometimes so easy, anyone can pick it up without extensive training.

Acute Prescribing

Homeopathy can also be used therapeutically. This means that it is possible, to a limited degree, to use certain homeopathic medicines to heal certain conditions.

Homeopaths don’t diagnose conditions and disease. Instead we collect the significant, and very individual, symptoms of the patient before making a prescription.

For example, most people have head of Arnica, if only the cream. Those who have heard of it know it can help with bruises. But it has a far deeper action than just helping with bruises. Any, and probably every, injury can benefit from the use of the homeopathic remedy Arnica, which is taken orally.

So the selection of the medicine, or remedy, can be much easier. However, it doesn’t end there. The potency, or strength, of the medicine is critical to how far it can help. As does the repetition of the remedy. More is not better with homeopathy!

To learn more about how to prescribe efficiently for acute conditions, please see the Learning Centre

Understanding Homeopathy

If this is your first visit to a homeopath, it’s important to understand the difference between homeopathy and veterinary medicine, so you appreciate what you are getting. Otherwise, you’ll be comparing apples with oranges, as the saying goes!

Homeopathic health care, coupled with the right lifestyle choices, is highly likely to prevent the need for recurring vet visits, vaccines, expensive blood work and other diagnostic testing. This means that it is an investment.

In general, homeopaths don’t rely on veterinary tests or diagnoses as these can be unreliable (vets know this, but it’s all they have). Instead, we rely on the patient’s symptoms, be they physical, emotional and/or mental. It takes time to gather all the subtle signs and symptoms.

The consultation fee includes an hours consultation and weekly email check-ins. I’ll be there to make sure your horse is heading in the right direction, and if you have any questions about the treatment. 

The homeopathic remedy prescribed will be a fraction of the cost of veterinary prescription medicine. (You can buy these from me or online from a provider of your choice).

Sometimes, a one-time consultation is all you need, especially if the condition is an acute one. This can save you thousands of dollars and prevent future health issues.

However, for the serious, chronic and auto-immune conditions, several consultations are more common in order to achieve complete healing. These are spaced out, normally from every 4 – 8 weeks depending on the severity of the problem.

The idea behind good homeopathic treatment is to heal the TENDENCY to become ill. This means, that in the early months, you are probably going to need a lot of support. Once this tendency has been healed, there is likely to be little or no need for this. Perhaps the odd consultation may be needed for an emergency or a rare acute condition.

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