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What is Health?

Every single life, your horse included, has the potential to ward off sickness and disease and to heal when sickness prevails. The key to this remarkable and inbuilt ability is the immune system.

When the immune system is healthy, this is exactly what happens. Sickness and disease only ever happens when the immune system is not capable of doing its job.

There are a variety of ways the immune system can be damaged, so that it can’t function properly. I consider there are three main areas:

1) diet
2) living conditions – environmental factors, stress, etc
3) health care

The 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century have seen a monopoly in the health care system, for both animals and for people. This monopoly, of what I call chemical medicine, and is what many consider mainstream. Without going into the details of why this monopoly has occurred, let’s examine what it does.

Chemical Medicine

Veterinary (chemical) medicine doesn’t understand natural health. Veterinarians are not taught about cause and effect. They are not taught about healthy diets. They are taught how to diagnose a disease and then to match a chemical drug to that label.

So medicines are made to suppress the symptoms. When you suppress a natural expression, you also suppress the immune system. Repeated suppressive treatments damage the natural order of the immune system. And so it becomes compromised.

While suppression appears to work because the symptoms go away, at least temporarily, you have made the overall health of the patient worse. In the short term, things appear to be better, but in the long term, overall health deteriorates.

It’s always better to take a long term view of life, and of  health especially.

All medicines, including vaccines, are chemical. All are toxic. All suppress the immune system by subjugating the natural expression of the body. Many are poisonous and cause damage, especially to sensitive animals like horses. Many medicines cause neurological damage, or damage to the nervous system, including the brain.

The chemical medical system has no philosophy. This means it is not scientific in the true sense of the word. Fads come and go. Yesterday it was the germ theory. Today, it is the gene theory. Tomorrow …?

Good Health is Not Profitable!

This mainstream medical system, supported by veterinarians and doctors alike, has created a highly lucrative income for the pharmaceutical industry. One which they are not going to give up easily. 

Natural therapies, including homeopathy, pose a very real threat to this income. Why? Because homeopathy does not suppress the immune system. Homeopathy works with the immune system, supporting it, strengthening it, re-balancing it, restoring its full function. This means the overall health of the patient improves.

When the overall health of a patient improves, they become healthy. They no longer get sick or have a disease. Although this is the very worthy aim of most people, for themselves and for their horse, it makes no financial sense!

You don’t make money from healthy animals!

The veterinary (and medical) industry would go broke, or at least suffer a huge reduction, if this was in widespread use!

This is why homeopathy is not as widely used as it should be. It is being suppressed. Don’t let that deter you from using it yourself.

Many Vets Turning to Homeopathy

It's very heartening to see more and more vets (and doctors) turning away from this industry and towards holistic health care where the patient's well being is considered to be of the highest importance.

You can find them on their country's listing of holistic veterinary practitioners.

In general, true homeopathic vets will devote their whole life to practising just homeopathy, as did the late Georg MacLeod. George discovered huge benefits to his own health thanks to homeopathy, so let the veterinary side go.

He was still working in his busy practice in his 80's when he died.

Nick Thompson is a great example of why he chose a different path to his veterinary training.

Geoff Johnson is another great example. Geoff is now one of the main teachers at the School of Homeopathy in Devon, UK. He now treats all animals, including us!

In America, Richard Pitcairn is now retired from practice, but trains vets in homeopathy.

It's happening in all countries.

The Reason For Holism

Natural health care is holistic. Everything is considered. This leads to all round good health, contentment and enjoying their work. This leads to an efficient immune system. And this means they will be able to shrug off illnesses other horses can’t.

Accidents are much less likely to occur.

Adding in holistic health care, especially homeopathy, to treat any problems that might occur, your natural horse care is complete!

Not only is homeopathy effective, non-toxic, free of chemicals and really easy to administer (horses love it, so there is no coercion or manipulation), it is very cost effective.

You will need the help and support of a professional homeopath initially and for chronic conditions. However, with a little guidance, you can learn to use the common remedies for acute conditions, such as minor injuries, over exertion, fever, colds, etc. Check out the Products page.

Obviously you still need to have the hooves trimmed and the teeth checked periodically, but this combination will drastically cut your horse’s health care costs.


Homeopathic treatment is often the last resort for people who have become desperate for answers to health problems. This is a shame as it means your horse may have suffered unnecessarily and you are likely to be out of pocket big time.

In contrast, not only can homeopathy be very affordable for most, it is probably the only modality of health care that is able to heal anything and everything. It has exceptional abilities to heal emotional issues, that horses are so prone to, but it is equally versatile in healing physical ailments, including injuries. Even injuries that are deemed impossible or unviable.

Healing is normally fast.

So before you give up on a difficult horse, or anyone, be-it emotional issues, fear or difficult-to-heal physical problems, consider homeopathic treatment.

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