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Films on Homeopathy

just one drop
magic pills

Natural Horse Trainers

Stormy May discovered the limitations of traditional horse training and is dedicated to bringing the natural horse into awareness.

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling is one of the influential natural horse and rider trainers.


Manage your pastures for greater nutrient density and biodiversity with permaculture.

Behavioural Issues

Bob Cook’s extensive research
A video with Bob Cook and Daniel Mills discussing the problems


Chip Me Not tells how the increasingly common procedure of micro chipping is not without its side effects and risks. Death has resulted in many cases.

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Two Legs and Four is my main website for all beings, whether with two legs or four!

Perth Homeopath is my general blog.

Natural Cat Health focuses just on the health of our precious felines.

Natural Dog Health focuses just on the health of our precious canines.

Homeopathic Research

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