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Homeopathic Home Prescribing Course

homeopathic home prescribing

Learning how to use the common homeopathic remedies for acute conditions is empowering. It can save so much anxiety and increased trauma.

Homeopathic remedies are applicable to us and all animals. There is no difference.

Emergency Treatment For Animals

emergency treatment

Emergencies are tough to deal with. You feel helpless.

You don't want your animal to suffer, but emergency vet visits don't come cheap!

Learn how to use some homeopathic remedies that successfully treat many emergencies.

health happiness and homeopathy

Health, Happiness and Homeopathy is about empowering you with natural and holistic ways to improve your health and those under your care, including our wonderful four legged friends and companions.

Healing Snake Bites With Homeopathy

healing snake bites with homeopayhu

The healing of snake bites with homeopathy can be fast, without side effects or complications.

It works the same for us and our precious animals. It works with different snakes.

It's easy and uncomplicated.

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