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As a holistic practitioner, I help resolve health issues in everyone, horses included; even those that others write off as hopeless. Holistic healing works at a deep level and can take time.

I offer friendly, supportive, non-judgemental professional monitoring for permanent resolution.

Who Can I Treat?
Anyone who is alive! People, animals, plants all respond very positively to good homeopathic treatment.

What Can I Treat?
I believe every healing practitioner is limited by what they think they are able to do. I don’t like limits very much, so tend to read books which expand us beyond limits – philosophy, spirituality, universal laws, the Oneness of all life, permaculture, sustainability and of course, homeopathy.

But, to get back to Earth, health is determined by several important factors. It comes down to how well our immune system is working. That which created us also heals us. We have an innate ability to heal ourselves. What stops it?

I believe there are many things, but perhaps the most important ones include:

  • what we eat
  • the toxins in our environment, food and medicines
  • stress levels
  • our health care
  • events that strongly affected us
  • genetics

One or more of these can upset this delicate balance. Disease, or dis-ease, develops according to our susceptibility. So two horses in the same environment, with the same diet, health care, stress and environmental factors can have different symptoms, or different dis-eases.

Real, in-depth healing is a process. It takes time to work it out. It takes time to unravel the past. So we need to be able to work together. I need to trust you are telling me everything you know. You need to trust me I will turn over every stone to help get your horse where you want them to be. We need this mutual trust and respect. We need a harmonious working relationship.

All consultations are by appointment.
Consultations consist of verbal interaction.
All consultations are completely confidential.

Consultations occur where your horse lives or distant (including worldwide) via telephone (I phone you) or the internet.

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